Bringing the Somali community together

Bringing the Somali community together

About Us Maaliniyohabeen is a unique social platform that offers a myriad of business products including social media for the benefit of the global Somali population and their supporters. The unique business proposition offered by lies with its SOCIAL AIMS agenda which is the distribution 25% of all transaction to charitable and worthy causes.

Vision Statement: promotes the development of all Somali people’s socio- economic, technological, human and environmental well-being for the benefit of all for now and the future. Maaliniyohabeen as a social business has been the brainchild of 6 individuals of Somali origin in the diaspora. They are business people who have made a commitment to draw funds from their business income to support good and charitable causes in all of the Somali regions/states. Maaliniyohabeen business offer include:

  1. Dedicated and tailored business directory/listing
  2. Online recruitment offer Maaliniyohabeen will also offer a networking platform and social media experience for individuals in the form of creating professional person profiles. The purpose of this social media platform is to provide qualified and aspiring global Somali individuals to showcase their talents and ambitions on an interactive medium that is Maaliniyohabeen. Maaliniyohabeen will provide free listing for charitable organisations, potential funders and any entity or individuals that are committed to conducting charitable work in supporting those faced with disaster and other life limiting challenges and mainly in all the Somali regions/states. Maaliniyohabeen will disburse funds to worthy and relevant causes to civil society organisations working in all regions/states of Somalia. Those organisations seeking funding from Maaliniyohabeen will complete a funding application that will be verified and agreed upon by a panel of independent decision makers.

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This unique website brings together the two most powerful tools available on the web, directory search and social media. Habeen iyo maalin is an innovative approach to bring together both the Somali diaspora and those resident back in their homeland.


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